A downloadable Neon Rivals for Windows

Warning: This game can only be played with gamepad and it requires 2 of them.

Once upon a time 2 rivals met together in a neon arena to test out their skills and reflexes.

 Enjoy the neon-ball sport with your friends with this party game!

Test between you and your friend who has the best reflexes and who is the faster and the smarter when it comes to reflecting the ball!


Mirror - Point your mirror to the ball and if they collide the ball will be reflected going on a faster speed to your opponent side. But that's not only that and also mirrors the ball and creates a clone on the enemy side that launch's the ball on the opposite direction. Both balls can score.

Dash -
Use this skill to dash to get faster to when you want to go on the arena.


The neon ball sport has 3 rules and these are:

   -The player can only score if the ball bounce's at least once after the player touches it. 

    -There is no self goal, so you don't need to really block the ball from the goal just have to try to touch the ball so it isn't your opponent goal.

    -Enjoy the fun with your friends! 


R2/RT - Mirror
R1/RB - Dash
Left Stick - Move
Right Stick - Aim

© 2019 Mad Jammers, all rights reserved.

Install instructions

1-Download zip file
2-Extract content from zip.
3-Open folder, Launch Neon Rivals.exe and Play!


Neon_Rivals.zip 25 MB

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